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The Value of a Music Teacher

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

by, Irma Joyner

Every day, millions of people pick up an instrument with hopes and dreams of becoming a fantastic musician. Thoughts of standing on stage in front of an audience bring a sense of accomplishment that most performers dream of. But how do you get to this point?

Though some dreamers like to imagine that it does, musical talent, skills, and abilities do not just fall out of the sky and into your body. Think of Daniel LaRusso from The Karate Kid. He needed Mr. Miyagi, a masterful trainer who would take the time to educate Daniel and help him develop the skills required to be the best at Karate.

Suppose you are looking to improve your singing ability, learn a new instrument, audition for a role in the next musical, or Amerca's Got Talent. In that case, I STRONGLY recommend getting a private music teacher at Joyner's School of Music who will give you the competitive edge you need.

So, yes, you need a Mr. Miyagi training master in music.

There is so much VALUE in having a private music teacher:

  • You get to work with them one on one.

That means no distractions from other students during your session.

You are the center of attention.

  • They will assess your needs and help you obtain your goals.

Music teachers take the time to learn what you already know, your learning style, what motivates you as a learner, and what goals you want to achieve. Assessments help them come up with a strategy to help you WIN!

  • Music teachers are the best listeners.

Seriously, part of their career skills is to be a great listener. As musicians, they learn how to transfer their aural training from their private lessons and use these skills in real-life situations.

  • They are full of valuable knowledge.

Music teachers are notorious for studying and researching their areas of expertise. They spend many years and even decades learning various languages, music theory, and analysis, participate in study abroad programs in other countries, and study multiple instruments and techniques.

  • Music teachers help you understand the fundamentals of music education.

There is nothing like a teacher who can help you overcome various challenges with that good ole Wax on, Wax off method. Music teachers are excellent at breaking down information so their students can understand concepts. On average music lessons are taken in 30-minute windows. It allows the teacher to teach a smaller piece of information for their students to quickly grasp, practice over the next week and come back the following week to build upon. This helps the student effectively absorb information over time.

I can go on and on about the value of having a music teacher. As you can see, the various benefits of having a private music teacher are innumerable.

Please don't sleep on your skills; sharpen them.

Click ---> Here to register for lessons and find your Mr. Miyagi at Joyner's School of Music. They are a great school. Be sure to ask about their family discounts and reward system! It's so worth your time.

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