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Irma Joyner

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As a dedicated soprano with a wealth of experience across choral, solo, and operatic performances, I am eager to infuse every stage with my passionate vocal artistry and the depth of my musical journey. My commitment to the craft is rooted in a rich history of musical involvement, and I look forward to bringing my dynamic range and emotive performances to audiences and collaborations alike.

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Elevate Your Event with Soprano Excellence

Are you searching for a soprano who brings classical training and a fresh perspective to opera? As a classically trained soprano specializing in Opera, fluent in the musical languages of Italian, German, Latin, and French, I am here to infuse your next project with vitality and passion. Although I am at the burgeoning stage of my operatic journey, my commitment to expanding my repertoire and bringing nuanced, emotive performances to the stage is unwavering.

What I Offer:

  • Linguistic Versatility: With proficiency in Italian, German, Latin, and French, I navigate the intricacies of opera with ease, bringing authenticity to each performance.

  • Emerging Talent: As a new voice in the opera world, I bring fresh energy and perspective to every piece, offering unique interpretations that resonate with contemporary audiences while honoring classical traditions.

  • Dedication to Growth: Actively building my repertoire, I am eager to explore various roles and compositions, ensuring dynamic and versatile performances.

  • Passionate Performance: My performances are characterized by deep emotional engagement and technical precision, aiming to connect with each audience member on a profound level.

Seeking Opportunities in:

  • Opera Productions

  • Concerts and Recitals

  • Collaborative Music Projects

  • Educational Outreach Programs

  • Language-Specific Performances (Italian, German, Latin, French)

Collaborate to Elevate:

My goal is to contribute to the vibrant tapestry of opera with my voice and vision. I am keen on collaborating with like-minded artists, directors, and educators to explore new dimensions in opera and classical music. Whether it's a leading role in an upcoming production, a spot in a prestigious concert series, or participation in educational outreach, I am excited to bring my blend of passion, skill, and linguistic capability to your project.

Let's bring the timeless beauty of opera to today's audiences together. Contact me to discuss how we can make your next opera project or performance an unforgettable experience.


Born and raised in the vibrant city of Jacksonville, Florida, Irma Joyner is a distinguished musician whose life is a testament to the pursuit of vocal excellence. A product of the celebrated Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, Irma's journey into music began with a deep-rooted passion for singing, cultivated through rigorous training and a supportive learning environment.

Her early exposure to professional singing came with her membership in the prestigious Ritz Voices City Youth Choir, setting the stage for a career filled with music, learning, and teaching. Under the mentorship of renowned music educators Samuel Shingles at Edward Waters University, and Steven Ng and Lloyd Linney at Stetson University, Irma honed her skills in Vocal Music Performance, embracing every lesson as an opportunity for growth.

Irma's educational journey is marked by a commitment to excellence, reflected in her studies at both Edward Waters and Stetson Universities, where she delved deep into the complexities of vocal performance. Her experiences at these institutions were more than academic pursuits; they were transformative periods that shaped her artistic vision and vocal technique.

The founding of Joyner's School of Music, alongside her husband Kenneth, marks a significant chapter in Irma's life. This institution is more than a music school; it is a nurturing ground for aspiring musicians across Florida and beyond. Here, Irma extends her passion for music to her students, emphasizing the transformative power of music in personal growth and creative expression.

As a dedicated educator, Irma's philosophy extends beyond mere technical skills. She believes in the holistic development of her students, guiding them to find their unique voices and express themselves through the universal language of music. Her teaching is a reflection of her dedication, instilling in her students a sense of confidence, creativity, and the importance of musical literacy.

In addition to her educational endeavors, Irma Joyner is an active performer, constantly seeking opportunities to share her talent with a broader audience. She is actively booking locations to perform, auditioning for opera companies, and traveling to offer her voice at weddings and unique events. Irma's performances are not just displays of vocal mastery; they are heartfelt expressions that connect with audiences on a profound level.

Irma's journey from a passionate young artist in Jacksonville to a respected musician and educator is a narrative of inspiration, dedication, and success. Her commitment to her craft and her students continues to make a significant impact in the world of music. Irma Joyner is not just a performer; she is a beacon of hope and inspiration, proving that with talent, dedication, and belief, dreams can indeed become reality.


For those interested in experiencing the magic of Irma Joyner's performances or inquiring about vocal training opportunities, please feel welcome to reach out. Irma continues to inspire, teach, and perform, spreading the joy of music wherever she goes.

Work Experience


Recitals and chorus concerts from age 13, including performances

Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, Edward Waters College, and Stetson University.


Lead Soprano Soloist in Mozart Coronation Mass, Jacksonville Symphony,

performed at the Times Union Center of the Arts, Edward Waters College.


Featured singer with 105 Voices at Lincoln Center, Washington, D.C.


Performed in "Dido and Aeneas" opera, Stetson University


"Porgy and Bess" opera, Edward Waters University.

Participant in NATS Competition, Edward Waters College

2010 - 2018

Lead Soprano in the chorus at an AME Church, Palm Coast

Handel's Messiah Soprano Soloist


Established Joyner's School of Music


Next Up New Artist Series, Ritz Theatre Jacksonville, FL, March 


Soprano in Gerald Alston Concert at Ritz Theatre, Jacksonville, FL, Feb 


Spring Recital at Orange Park Methodist Church, March

Vocal Training and Coaches

  • Dr. Samuel Devon Shingles, Vocal Coach, Edward Waters College, 

  • Dr. Stephen Ng, Vocal Training, Stetson University

  • Dr. Lloyd Linney, Vocal Studies, Stetson University

  • Mr. Russell Franks, Stetson Opera Theatre

  • Ms. Paula Merritt, Continued Vocal Studies, Edward Waters College, 

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