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Why online private music lessons are becoming popular and how they can benefit you

At the beginning of quarantine, many people spent more time on their favorite hobbies, discovered new ones, or even realized they didn’t have any hobbies at all. Plenty of dusty instruments were picked up, brushed off, and played, while many new instruments were purchased. People found the time to do things they had never been able to do before. However, because of quarantine regulations, it can be difficult to pick up a new hobby, especially one as complex as learning a new instrument. You may be tempted to teach yourself, but online private music lessons are a phenomenal resource, regardless of your expertise.

Unlimited access to teachers

Online private lessons can be just as effective as in-person music lessons—especially because being online gives you access to all kinds of teachers and instructors. Additionally, the ability to learn an instrument online opens up the possibility of learning to play music to those who may not otherwise have the resources to learn.

Live feedback

Online music lessons are considerably better than YouTube-tutorial, CD-based, or app-based music lessons. This is because if you are learning without anyone there to tell you what you are doing right or wrong, you may adopt incorrect techniques, or never notice if you are playing out-of-tune. However, with online music lessons with live teachers, you are getting that imperative feedback from a professional.

Lower cost

They are also typically lower in cost, as well as more convenient—you do not need to worry about somewhere being too far, and you can video call from the comfort of your bedroom. Have a specific teacher in mind, but live too far away from them? Online lessons can solve that problem!

If, while in quarantine, you decided it was time to learn an instrument, then you’ve made the right decision. Learning an instrument improves hand-eye coordination, patience, and is even proven to improve your memory. But you don’t have to do it alone—take advantage of online private music lessons now, especially while so many teachers are doing them!

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