5 Practice Habits for New Musicians

As a starting musician, settling into a routine for practicing may seem overwhelming at first. However, if you form healthy habits now, you will find that the process of learning your instrument will go that much smoother.

Warm up every time

Think about playing music like a workout—if you jump into a ten mile run without stretching first, you are bound to injure yourself. Warming up may seem like a small, inconsequential thing to do, but getting into the habit of doing it every time before you play is imperative. It gets both your instrument and your mind in the zone, and allows you to slowly sink into playing the hard stuff—this helps you avoid frustration early on in the practice session.

Write down then break down your goals

If you bought a guitar yesterday, then your goal right now is probably “learn guitar.” However, such a large and vague task can feel overwhelming, and could even hinder your progress. Instead, try breaking down your goals into small, manageable chunks—almost like milestones. Instead of making your goal to simply learn guitar, try making your goal to learn four chords a day, or maybe learn your favorite song in one week. That way, you have something tangible to work towards, and can better track your progress!